The following links will help you to learn more about the Egoscue Method(tm) of postural alignment therapy and what it can do to help you realign your body and become pain-free. I encourage you to check them out.

Deb Preachuck in MN. Click here Deb is an affiliate provider and instructor in The Egoscue Method. Her website has a wealth of information. Deb was Gary's instructor for levels 1 and  2 certifications in The Egoscue Method. She is AWESOME at what she does!

Egoscue Home Page This page is where it all started. 

Railyard Fitness Equipment  This page has some equipment that helps when doing some of our exercises.

Therapy Zone Equipment  This page also has equipment, and the company are very friendly to work with.

To find a new or used copy of Pain Free by Pete Egoscue you can click on the book picture on the lower left hand corner of our home page.  Also, it can often be found at a local library. This is a wonderful book that explains the theory behind The Egoscue Method. It has chapters arranged according to which area of the body is in pain or has movement limitations. There are "menus" of exercises for each area that you can do. While not as effective as a personal postural assessment and exercise session, it is a great resource.

There are also many great video clips on Youtube that explain and demonstrate The Egoscue Method. Just type Egoscue in the search box. You will also find some very interesting and encouraging testimonials on there too.