Thursday, February 16, 2012


               Welcome to 'A Life Pain Free'

We hope you enjoy browsing around our site and that you will find the information helpful. 'A Life Pain Free' is based in Wheaton, Illinois. We do client consultations at our home clinic, and online through Skype. Our goal is to help those in pain find an effective and permanent solution to their pain, and to be able to enjoy a pain free life. If you have any queries, please contact us; we would love to answer your questions.

Who we are:
 We are Posture Alignment Specialists in The Egoscue Method of postural alignment therapy as taught at The Egoscue University in California.

What we do:
 We work with people to realign their posture according to the Anatomical Blueprint design of the body.

What postural alignment therapy is:
It is a highly successful therapy that has helped thousands of chronic pain sufferers to be permanently set free from their chronic pain. It is non-invasive, and deals with the root cause of  pain. This particular revolutionary method of stopping chronic pain was developed in the mid 1970's by anatomical physiologist and best selling author Pete Egoscue.

What postural alignment therapy is not:
 We are not MDs, chiropracters, massage therapists or osteopaths. We do not use drugs, surgery, orthotics or manipulation. No special equipment is necessary to do the exercises, nor do you need the assistance of another person.

Who we work with:
 We work with persons suffering from chronic pain to achieve a life pain free. We also work with non-pain clients who want their bodies to function at their optimal level of physical abilities, reduce their risk of injury, and who want to avoid the physical limitations that are typically attributed to 'getting older'. Our other main group of clients are professional and recreational athletes who want to achieve peak performance and avoid sports injuries. Click on our self-assessment tab at the top of this page to find out how you can assess your own posture and determine if your body is out of alignment.

What the basic philosophy behind postural alignment therapy is:
Postural alignment therapy is based on the very simple premise that the human body works as a unit. With our motion-deprived lifestyles today, most of us are not moving our bodies as they were designed to be used. Over time, muscles that are not being used become dormant and no longer function according to their design. In order to keep the body functioning, other muscles are forced to try and compensate for this unbalanced state. Some muscles will become tight, exerting more force on a joint than they should. This imbalance of the muscles, causing stress on the joints, results in joints being pulled out of proper alignment.Because all the joints in the body are connected, one joint out of alignment has an effect on the other joints in the body. If this continues, over time, joints start to “wear and tear” abnormally, wearing down cartilage, causing pain and other symptoms. Most pain in the body has a root cause of postural misalignment.

Why postural alignment therapy works;
Postural alignment therapy goes after the root of the problem. It determines when and where misalignment is present. It treats the entire body as one unit, addressing all pain and other symptoms at the same time. Muscles are responsible for pulling joints out of proper alignment, and using postural alignment therapy, the correct muscles are reawakened to pull the correct joints into their correct position. With the muscles brought back to their original length and tension, and the joints in alignment, pain goes away. Postural alignment therapy is simple and logical. It may sound too good to be true, but it works! Click on “My Story” or “Video Testimonials” at the top of this page to find out more from some of the thousands of real people who can testify to the effectiveness of postural alignment therapy.

How postural alignment therapy operates:
After a postural assessment, a "menu" of gentle exercises and passive stretches is carefully selected and tailored for each individual's needs. Clients then practice their exercises daily at home. New "menus" of exercises are given according to the postural changes that take place.

What sort of health issues postural alignment therapy addresses:
Postural alignment therapy has been successfully used to treat musculoskeletal and chronic pain in all areas of the body. These include and are not limited to:
·                 * ankle and foot pain, including bunions, plantar fasciatis, arch problems
·                 *  knee pain
·                 *  hip and groin pain
·                 *  upper, mid and lower back pain
·                 * scoliosis
·                 * shoulder pain
·                 *elbow pain, including tennis and golf elbow
·                  *wrist and hand pain, including carpal tunnel syndrome
·                  * neck pain
·                  * jaw pain
·                  * recurrent headaches/migraines
·                  * arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis
While posture alignment therapy focuses on the skeletal and muscular systems of the body, these are not the only body systems affected by misalignment. Other body systems are compromised when the musculoskeletal systems are not working at their optimal level; the respiratory system is affected by rounded shoulders; the drainage of the sinuses in the head are impeded by a head that is out of alignment; the digestive system is compromised by excessive curvature of the spine.  Besides the musculoskeletal system, getting the body back into alignment frequently has significant effects on other systems in the body. Additionally, getting out of pain has a profound impact on the mental well-being of individuals and their families, particularly for those suffering from chronic pain. 

At 'A Life Pain Free' we have the desire and the skills to help you stop chronic pain and start on the journey to optimum well-being.